Cook Up an Effective Marketing Strategy with these 8 Key Ingredients

April 20, 2017
Eric Brody

Eric Brody, president of Trajectory

“Your health system or hospital story doesn’t matter—until it does,” says Eric Brody. “What matters is simply how your story fits into the lives of your audience.”

Brody is president of Trajectory, a national branding and marketing agency. He notes that while this simple concept is tough to deliver on, it’s also critical to your success as a health care marketer.

“It really comes down to the difference between being fresh and relevant or getting lost in a BIG sea of easy-to-ignore, seen-and-heard-it-before, same-as-everyone-else noise. The big sea of course is the 5,000 other marketing messages that hit the average American—hence your audience—in the 10 hours a day or so they spend with various media.”

For Brody’s list of 8 key ingredients required to cook up an effective health care marketing strategy, read the full article now:

Health Care Marketing: Try This Recipe for Cooking Up Fresh and Relevant Results

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