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September 3, 2015

GMC_Wordmark_2008_CMYKEveryone who works in public relations or marketing knows how difficult it can be to get good media coverage for a product or event.

Philips, a leading technology company that creates innovative products and solutions in health tech, decided to try to generate publicity around the idea of doctors using Google Glass during surgery to monitor a patient’s vital signs and reactions without ever having to take their eyes away from the procedure to obtain this vital information.

Finding the Story in the Concept

“We were interested in demonstrating a proof of concept to show how wearables could be applied in a clinical setting with real time patient data in order to help improve patient outcomes,” says Kathy O’Reilly, Senior Press Officer at Philips. She adds that using Google Glass in clinical settings was a very hot topic with media, and Philips wanted to bring the concept to reporters first. They began tackling this challenge in late summer of 2013 with the help of Accenture, a management consulting technology firm, and before their eyes, things dramatically began to take off.

Kathy O’Reilly

Kathy O’Reilly

Without the luxury of weeks of planning and preparation, Philips’ internal communications and digital teams worked with OneVoice Connect/Lois Paul and Partners (OVC/LPP) to very quickly execute a strategic, global, and coordinated media campaign. The campaign included working with high-tech reporters and bloggers to reach technology-focused audiences.

The Results

Philips had some impressive results to show for their efforts. In fact, the proof of concept with Google Glass announcement has been one of the most-covered health care news-related announcements in Philips history to date.

For all of the details on how Philips pulled off this well-planned and well-executed media campaign, go here to read the full story, which includes photos and video: How One Company Used a Prototype Launch to Create a Media Frenzy—and What You Can Learn From Its Example.

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