Tips for Marketing to the Booming Millennial Generation

August 27, 2015

ruthpadillaZirkle-Photo“Millennials, who are defined as individuals between the ages of 18 and 34, will surpass Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living generation in 2015,” note Ruth Padilla, M.A. and David Zirkle, Ph.D. “Also known as Gen Y, this group is becoming an increasingly important target for health systems, given its size and purchasing power.”

Zirkle is a senior consultant with Barlow/McCarthy, a nationally recognized health care consulting firm. Padilla is an experienced health care strategist.

In our new article, Meet the Millennials: Your Newest Health Care Customer, Zirkle and Padilla explain why utilizing the latest technological advances is key to engaging this powerful group of health care consumers.

“Let’s start with the most obvious fact—millennials are tech-savvy,” Zirkle and Padilla note. “They are the first generation to have largely experienced an always plugged-in world, and they expect health care to fit into that lifestyle. Millennials are more likely to visit ‘Dr. Google’ than their family physician when health care needs arise.”

What does this mean for your health care marketing? “[I]t can help to go back to the first rule of marketing, which is to know your audience,” advise Padilla and Zirkle. Building online word-of-mouth marketing channels is essential, as is focusing on time and money—both of which are paramount among Millennials’ concerns.

For more insights from Padilla and Zirkle, read the full article now: Meet the Millennials: Your Newest Health Care Customer.

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