How Data Modeling Can Improve Your Health Care Marketing Strategy

January 26, 2023

Sometimes, the best input on health care marketing comes from an outside party. In a new article, George Danner, chief data scientist at Endeavor Management, offers a fresh insight on how data modeling can help improve the health care marketing process. He puts it like this:

George Danner, chief data scientist at Endeavor Management, talks about data modeling in health care marketing

George Danner

“I am not a marketer, but I have listened to conversations among our marketing team members and their clients about the difficulty of the marketing role in health care. When patient volumes and/or market share are down, the organization’s reflex is to push a single lever — marketing — in hopes of re-establishing normal business activity that the system depends upon for survival.

“’If we had more billboards…’

“’Competitor X is marketing more than we are…’

“It’s not an unreasonable reaction, but often the picture is more complicated.

“A solution to all of this is computer simulation modeling.

“Sound, data-driven strategy starts with a realistic model of consumers coupled with the structure of the marketing pipeline. This creates a laboratory whereby a range of marketing actions can be tested, and the outcome, in the form of a set of KPIs, can be shown.

“Veterans of business structure analysis recognize that the best outcome of any system arises from many small, surgical doses of improvement at targeted points rather than large, across-the-board interventions. Don’t like that outcome? Try another experiment with a different set of actions. And another, then another.”

Read the full article to discover Danner’s insights on how a good data model can reveal what’s working and not working in your health care marketing strategy.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How using visual diagrams can help support an internal dialogue between marketing and senior management in your health care organization
  • How data modeling can settle debates and support critical decision-making during the marketing process
  • Why concerns about data quality should not be an inhibitor to model building
  • 6 key steps you can and should take to develop a robust data-driven strategy at your health system.

Read the full article now: Maybe It’s Not Marketing’s Fault

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