It’s Personal: How One Woman’s Story Helped Spread the Word About a Community Hospital’s Oncology Services

July 28, 2015

// By Lisa Ellis //

Lisa D. Ellis, photo“I have breast cancer. I need a mastectomy. Possibly more. I found out earlier today, and my mind is still reeling …”

These words are from the journal of a 38-year-old woman named Megan, who lives in Lawrence, Kansas, and recently went through a roller coaster of emotions after being diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing treatment through The Oncology Center at Lawrence Memorial Hospital (LMH).

Taking a Personal Approach to Marketing Services

Megan recently had a unique chance to share her experiences through an award-winning campaign called Megan’s Journal: A Personal Journey through Breast Cancer Treatment and Triumph. The 13-week campaign, which incorporated digital, newspaper, billboard, and radio spots, grew out of a collaboration between LMH and its agency of record, Dobies Healthcare Group.

Through this public journal format, Megan revealed her deepest hopes, fears, and experiences throughout her ordeal with breast cancer, and talked about the extraordinary care and support she received from LMH. She also used this platform to encourage other women to be proactive in following recommended screenings for early detection.

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