Put Your Health Care Organization’s Stamp on Direct Mail Marketing

June 9, 2016

// By Ritch K. Eich //

Ritch K. Eich, PhDOne way to put a personal stamp on your marketing efforts is by using direct mail in the most strategic way. Direct mail allows health care organizations to target and reach a defined audience in a service area or community. A hybrid of publicity and advertising, it is one of several types of direct marketing that also include online marketing, telemarketing, and face-to-face marketing. Just as handwritten letters and “thank you” notes can be used to stand out in a digital world, direct mail can differentiate your organization from your competitors by allowing you to personalize messages.

The Longevity of Direct Mail

Traditional direct mail offers recipients something they can touch and hold in their hands. It is not as easily discarded or deleted as a text, tweet, Instagram post, or email, and it can be used to drive people to your website or facility. Electronic direct mail can be customized and allows customers to instantly click through to your website. Regardless of the format, if used correctly, direct mail can help you heighten your brand, generate new leads, and increase your customer base.

It is important to approach direct mail as a program, and not simply as a hit-or-miss mailing. The focus of your program should be to find consumers interested in your hospital or health care facility, communicate why they should choose your facility over another, and provide a call to action. Without clearly defined objectives, careful planning, precise execution, and a way to measure results, the program will not be successful and you will be disappointed.

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