Best Video Content: Unleashing Video’s Potential in Health Care Marketing

Rebecca Sims, executive vice president of operations, WG Content

// By Susan Dubuque // For 25 years, the eHealthcare Leadership Awards have celebrated excellence in health care digital marketing. At the 2023 awards, winning videos showcased the power of video to capture attention, evoke emotion, and drive action. Read the full article for expert insights and examples of award-winning videos.

How Stories of Human Kindness Help One Hospital Reinforce Its Brand

Susan Griffin, director of public relations and communications, South Shore Health

// By Susan Dubuque // South Shore Hospital, part of South Shore Health, serves hundreds of thousands in the Greater Boston area. To differentiate itself, the marketing team crafted the brand positioning “Your Health, Our Passion, One Community,” reflecting the hospital’s commitment to offering exceptional services and fostering a community-centric healthcare approach.

25 Years of Celebrating Excellence: eHealthcare Leadership Awards are Open

ehla logo 25th

// By Susan Dubuque // This year marks the silver anniversary of the eHealthcare Leadership Awards. Join us as we celebrate 25 years of industry innovation and honor your accomplishments from the past year. The eHealthcare Leadership Awards recognize outstanding health websites and digital initiatives. The Call for Entries is officially open!

Multiphase Campaign Seeks to Increase COVID-19 Vaccinations Among Adolescents

Donna Teach, Nationwide Children's

// By Brian Griffin // Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio is leading the way in vaccinating children against COVID-19 with a multichannel campaign targeted at parents, physicians, and even adolescents themselves. The move comes after the Food & Drug Administration granted emergency approval to vaccinate 12- to 15-year-olds. The campaign is taking on even more Read More

Can You Leverage the Anxious Language of a Pandemic to Build a Stronger Hospital Brand? Here’s What Nemours Children’s Health System Did

Sarah Sanders, vice president and chief marketing officer of Nemours Children’s Health System

// By Peter Hochstein // You might think that co-opting language associated with COVID-19 could scare people away. Instead, it called attention to advertising that helped to reassure worried parents. Let’s clearly state a few factual negatives first. Tilt, the advertising agency behind the campaign you’re about to read about, is not the same Tilt Read More

Who Are You Trying To Reach Online – and Why?

Hospital marketers have to be active on social media and online review sites, right? We know the answer is ‘yes,’ but who is it for and how do you do it well? A recent national consumer survey conducted by Wax Custom Communications showed surprising results about who follows social media channels and to what extent Read More

Arkansas Children’s Leverages Strategic Marketing to Support Growth

Jeff House, vice president of strategic marketing at Arkansas Children’s

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // What should a high-performing marketing function in a health system look like? And how do you leverage marketing to support growth? As the only children’s hospital in the state of Arkansas, with greater than 90 percent awareness, Arkansas Children’s had historically not prioritized marketing, says Carla Bryant, executive vice Read More

How Can You Get Potential Patients to Pay More Attention to Your Hospital’s Advertising? Try Telling Them What They Do for You

Peter Hochstein

Here’s a new approach to hospital advertising that turns an old technique on its head. // By Peter Hochstein // It’s difficult to sift through hospital advertising month after month without regularly coming across some variation of the phrase “We care about you.” Little wonder. As hospital systems grow larger and busier, they also can Read More

How to Set a Public Health World Record for Flu Inoculations

Keqin (Catherine) Qian, manager & nurse practitioner, Vanderbilt Occupational Health Clinic, instructor, Vanderbilt School of Nursing

An inspired name — and a bit of student high jinks — transmogrifies a mass vaccination program into an annual form of entertainment. Notable Health Care Advertising // By Peter Hochstein // Quick, which would you rather do? Interrupt your daily routine, stand in a long line, and then get poked in the arm by Read More

Creating Content Marketing That Converts Consumers Into Patients

Susan Gullion, associate director of search engine marketing at Sequence Health

// By Susan Gullion // The health care sector lacks the rich marketing history of industries like retail or automotive, but today’s patients are more empowered than ever and the behaviors they display when seeking health care services or products largely mirror their shopping journeys for apparel, electronics, or any other household product. That is Read More

Is There a Fresh Way Left to Advertise That Your Hospital Is in the Front Lines of Medical Science? Here’s a Surprisingly Engaging One from Galveston, Texas

Peter Hochstein

Notable Health Care Advertising // By Peter Hochstein // If you’ve been involved with hospital advertising for a while, you’ve probably seen it all. Touching testimonials from patients telling what a hospital’s doctors did for them. Doctors explaining how they collaborated on a medical breakthrough. Pictures galore of high-tech tools, people in surgical masks, MRI Read More

Read All About It: Sharp HealthCare Ventures Into the News Business

Sharp HealthCare Logo

// By Lisa D. Ellis // What happens to medical supplies and equipment once the items expire? How can you mix medications and supplements safely? What are some healthful and quick lunch recipes? These are just a few of the timely topics covered on Sharp Health News, a new website run by Sharp HealthCare, a Read More

Does Your Health Care Brand Need a Facelift?

Lisa D. Ellis

6 Ways to Make a Good Thing Even Better // By Lisa D. Ellis // How do you handle the pressures of marketing your health care organization’s products and services in 2016? With the growing emphasis on digital storytelling, social media efforts, inbound marketing, and patient-centered care all competing for your limited attention, you and Read More