Why You Need a Strong Technology Infrastructure to Navigate the Next Crisis or Natural Disaster

May 10, 2018

// By Lisa D. Ellis //

The technology landscape is rapidly evolving, creating new challenges — and also new opportunities — for marketers in all industries. For those working in the health care sector, this means that the time is right to draw on the latest tools to have the most meaningful impact in a variety of situations.

Planning a Touchdown

Freya Smale, vice president of marketing at Millennium Alliance

Freya Smale, vice president of marketing at Millennium Alliance

Marketers need look no further than the newest crop of Super Bowl ads to see how some of the major advertisers are tapping into technological offerings, including the strongest social media channels, to expand their impact in new ways, according to Freya Smale, vice president of marketing for the Millennium Alliance, a technology advisory firm in New York City that works with businesses, high-tech companies, and health care organizations.

For instance, Smale points to auto manufacturer Kia’s 2017 Super Bowl campaign for a new car, which used a combination of artificial intelligence, coupled with forward-thinking platforms, to identify the personality traits of influencers on social media who could help expand the brand’s product reach.

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