JAMA Network Deploys Social Media Listening Strategy to Tune Communication Efforts: Tactics You Can Deploy Today

May 3, 2018

// By Lisa D. Ellis //

Love you, hate you, want something from you.

JAMA-Network-LogoWhen any of your patients have these or other strong feelings about you, chances are they’ll turn to social media and share their sentiments in a very public way to a very wide audience.

This makes it essential to stay on top of the latest comments posted online and to respond appropriately. In fact, how you respond to comments (good and bad!) about your organization on social media tells people a lot about your brand and your commitment to providing good care — both in the office and beyond.

Bad Reviews Offer Good Opportunities to Build Brand

Consider this: With the widespread reach of social media, these days a bad review — if left unchecked — can really hurt your business by stopping prospective customers from giving you a chance. Therefore, it’s important to be proactive in finding — and responding — to any concerns and complaints posted online.

Daniella Peting, JAMA Network

Daniella Peting, manager of social communications and digital channel strategy for scientific publications at JAMA Network

Further, while good reviews are always great to read, negative reviews also can be beneficial when you respond to them and turn a negative into a positive. In fact, savvy marketers understand that when someone criticizes you, this offers a great opportunity to reinforce your brand and put your best foot forward.

Creating a Listening Strategy

Daniella Peting is the manager, social communications and digital channel strategy for scientific publications, JAMA Network. In this position, she spearheads JAMA Network’s social media strategy and is developing a “listening program” for all JAMA journals.

In this article, we explore how JAMA Network navigates the social media landscape, and offer a roadmap you can follow to improve control of your organization’s reputation, fine-tune your communication strategy, and more.

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