6 Tracking Lessons Learned by Cadence Health

January 28, 2015

By Lisa D. Ellis

CadenceHealth_NWEndorser_Stack_4CHow can you tell if your marketing efforts are truly successful? The best way is to let the data speak for itself, according to representatives from Laughlin Constable (LC). This integrated advertising agency recently partnered with Cadence Health in Illinois to identify and track key measures to help capture and strengthen the health system’s marketing impact.

Trisha Krautkramer, LC’s VP of Analytics, and Mark Carlson, LC’s Director of Brand Strategies, recently joined Cadence Health’s Brand Manager Nichole Volk at the 2014 SHSMD Connections conference in San Diego, California produced by the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development. There, the trio shared some of the key lessons learned from Cadence Health’s efforts.

Marketing a New Identity

Cadence Health was formed in 2012 when two suburban Chicago hospitals merged, creating broader access to state-of-the-art care for patients and a network of more than 100 health sites throughout several counties. But with two very different brands now working under one umbrella, Cadence Health faced an array of challenges in realigning its marketing approach to encompass the new focus. Volk says that Cadence Health engaged LC as their strategic partner to determine how best to acclimate their target audience with the new name and identity, as well as to come up with some strategies on how best to measure whether their efforts were hitting their mark.

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