Traditional and Digital Media: Why You Need Both

February 22, 2021

// By John Gonda //

While many health care marketers seek to limit their media outlets, the reality is that successful marketing plans need to incorporate a blend of many efforts to produce a desired reach, frequency, and outcome.

For many years, hospitals have used traditional media outlets such as newspapers, direct mail, radio, and network television to advertise their capabilities and services. But with a “digital first” world now available at our fingertips, health care marketers have numerous additional options to consider — but knowing where to start can be overwhelming.

The advertising and media market has become significantly more fragmented in recent years. Today’s reality remains that specific media outlets will always be better for certain types of messages.

While there is no silver bullet for success, understanding the importance of traditional media and its wide reach and frequency is the first step toward achieving a successful health care media strategy.

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