Barnabas Health Builds Its Brand In the Real World by Building Its Brand Online—And Vice Versa

March 12, 2015

barnabas-healthAs more and more people turn to the Internet to get their health information, the digital world becomes an increasingly important space for hospitals to market their services and engage with their communities and consumers. We all know this.

What’s critical—with so much opportunity for online promotion—is to make strategic decisions with your digital efforts that strongly align with your overall marketing principles and goals, says Michael Slusarz, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications for Barnabas Health.

Slusarz says Barnabas Health goes to great lengths to integrate different forms of information, creating consistent messages that can be delivered both through traditional marketing channels and also through social media and in the digital space.

“That is how we build brand awareness and build relationships with consumers and physicians,” Slusarz explains. He points out that digital marketing will never replace the more traditional forms of promotion, but it can increasingly complement print ads, billboards, and other approaches to help reinforce messages and enable people to engage with the health care system online in new and exciting ways.

To discover more of Slusarz’s insights and best practices, including an in-depth look at several campaigns and his 6 principals for success in digital marketing, read the full article, Positioning Your Brand in the Digital World.

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