Cadence Health Case Study: How To Track Metrics Effectively and Use the Data To Your Advantage

February 12, 2015

How can you tell if your marketing efforts are truly successful? The best way is to let the data speak for itself, according to representatives from Laughlin Constable (LC). This integrated advertising agency recently partnered with Cadence Health in Illinois to identify and track key measures to help capture and strengthen the health system’s marketing impact.

Trisha Krautkramer, LC’s VP of Analytics, and Mark Carlson, LC’s Director of Brand Strategies, recently joined Cadence Health’s Brand Manager Nichole Volk at the 2014 SHSMD Connections conference in San Diego, California produced by the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development. There, the trio shared some of the key lessons learned from Cadence Health’s efforts.

The first lesson is to be open-minded. To get the full benefit of your measurements, Carlson says you should avoid having a hypothesis you are trying to justify. “Whenever we do research, we don’t try to prove a theory but rather, we go in with our mind open to what the data tells us,” he says.

Another, perhaps counterintuitive, lesson is to limit the number of data points. Less is more when it comes to reporting on metrics, Carlson says—you don’t want to overwhelm the important points.

For 4 additional lessons that can help you make the most of your marketing efforts, click here to read the full article, Tracking Lessons Learned by Cadence Health.

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