How Your Community’s Data on Consumer Health Decision-Making Can Drive Organizational Excellence

September 29, 2016

// By Keith Schneider //

Keith Schneider, Director of Consumer & Brand for Professional Research Consultants (PRC)

As a health care marketer or leader, you know your health care system doesn’t specialize in everything. By pairing the needs of your market with your unique differentiators, your team has chosen its investments wisely. This intelligent approach allows you to focus on excellence. Yet you might be surprised that, despite service excellence and differentiation, the consumers you want to reach aren’t even hearing your message.

When it comes to health, the first action many consumers take is online search. With mobile-ready, easy access to health information, quality data, and provider ratings, the competition is fierce. Even if you do entice them to your system with your online presence, how do you then impact quality measures such as compliance? Your digital brand presence has to do not only with acquiring patients, but also with providing them with information to help them take an active part in their own health care.

Analyzing Brand Equity: The 2015 PRC National Consumer Study

Last year, Professional Research Consultants (PRC) in Omaha, Nebraska, conducted the 2015 PRC National Consumer Study, the fifth in an ongoing series. With a focus on 1,000 participants across 48 states and Washington, D.C., the study was designed to understand the priorities and preferences of consumers within their markets.

Questions included components such as hospital preference, Internet usage, and the use and perception of retail health clinics.

The most profound result was that 73 percent of respondents have a preferred hospital, which is statistically significantly lower than 83 percent from the 2012 survey. While competition and awareness have increased from one health care system to another, consumer preference for a particular hospital has decreased.

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