Emory Healthcare vs. This Mindset: “I Know You’re Great. So Sure, I’ll See You — If I’m Ever Ill with Something Serious.”

November 6, 2018


Is there a strong reason to create a hospital branding campaign that dispenses with emotional appeals to make a rational sales argument? How can you keep it visually surprising and compelling? And how can you show that you’re talking about a hospital without resorting to the visual clichés?

Notable Health Care Advertising

// By Peter Hochstein //

Peter HochsteinYou’d think Emory Healthcare of Atlanta almost wouldn’t need to advertise.

The hospital system has an imposing presence — 2,056 beds, six hospitals on four major campuses, and outpatient clinics scattered across 200 locations in the metropolitan Atlanta area. What is more, it’s the only academic medical system in town. That ought to help Emory Healthcare enjoy strong brand awareness and favorable consumer perceptions, right?

Yes, but…

Amy Comeau, vice president, marketing, Emory Healthcare

Amy Comeau, vice president, marketing, Emory Healthcare

All that presence and a great reputation poses what Amy Comeau, vice president of marketing at Emory Healthcare, calls “our major challenge.”

How’s that again?

“We have really wonderful brand awareness,” Comeau says. “We exceed all our competitors. People think [Emory] has a high reputation. But they think, ‘I only need to go to Emory if I’m really sick.’ So, we’re trying to express that we are a full spectrum of care…not just for a crisis moment.”

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