Good Patient Experiences Are Critical for Desirable Outcomes and Better Reimbursement

February 1, 2014

// By Joyce Miller and Beverly Schulman //

Joyce Miller Beverly Schulman

The road to the rise of the patient experience

A number of studies show links between desirable clinical outcomes and high patient satisfaction scores. Medicare and other payers are begin­ning to tie reimbursement to high patient satisfaction scores. In short, patient satisfaction has emerged as a key factor in measuring quality of care and patient outcomes and an essential element in pay-for-performance metrics.

According to the HealthLeaders Media Industry Survey 2013, healthcare executives cite patient experience as their top priority today…higher than clinical quality and cost reduction.

Before 2008, there was no valid method to compare patient satisfaction among hospitals. Although hospi­tals have surveyed patients for many years about their treatment experiences, lack of standardized survey con­tent made comparisons among hospitals nearly impos­sible, with the possible exception of those facilities that were part of systems that mandated standardized sur­vey questions. Facilities that purchased patient survey services from national suppliers, such as Professional Research Consultants and Press Ganey, were also able to determine how they ranked compared with their peers.

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