How To Turn a Clinic Opening Into a PR Windfall

June 28, 2018

chnola-logoIn today’s hectic world, it’s the little things that matter, especially when it comes to making life a bit more convenient. And when this convenience brings tangible benefits to families with young kids, including those with chronic medical needs, it can be enough to spark a compelling public relations angle that has real traction.

When Children’s Hospital New Orleans in Covington, Louisiana created a simple campaign publicizing the opening of its first new suburban-based clinic, it was able to demonstrate the very real benefit the new location would bring to residents.

As a result, media relations around the opening of Children’s Hospital New Orleans’ new clinic were quite effective, significantly exceeding its targets in engaging the media and drawing local residents in to access services. The campaign also was recognized by the eHealthcare Leadership Awards for its success.

Brittany Cruickshank, account executive and associate supervisor at Deveney

Brittany Cruickshank, account executive and associate supervisor at Deveney

“It is not huge news to have a clinic open, but because the children’s hospital is such a special place, people have very fond feelings toward the brand, and this made a big difference,” explains Brittany Cruickshank, account executive and associate supervisor at Deveney, the agency that worked on this campaign with the hospital.

The campaign strategy was to find a strong hook to get the media to tout the concept of bringing the hospital’s highly rated services to the suburbs so everyone would know about this event and be able to take advantage of the new location—one that dramatically shortened the travel time for kids with chronic health problems.

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Children’s Hospital Campaign for New Clinic Leads to Public Relations Bounty

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