Finding Opportunity in Health Care Disruption

April 12, 2018
Craig Allan Ahrens, MHA, MBA, is a leader at BDC Advisors

Craig Allan Ahrens, leader at BDC Advisors

“The health care field is in a state of constant disruption today, with mounting competition coming from many outside sectors,” says Craig Allan Ahrens, MHA, MBA, a leader at national health strategy firm BDC Advisors.

“But the time is also ripe for health systems that understand the current marketplace to capitalize on growing opportunities to position themselves as leaders in offering enhanced convenience, increasing patient access, and creating more efficient care models.

“Generally, health care has not been known for its innovation in how care is delivered, despite the recent activities by well-capitalized, venture funding health systems (e.g., Ascension). The historical regulatory, reimbursement, and general health care economic limitations have supported a parochial health care industry culture that has been resistant to change and is ripe for disruption.

“Many strategic disruptions being employed seek to seize upon the idea of patients receiving radically convenient avenues for increased access and efficient care. They are centered around health care delivery disruption strategies,” Ahrens says.

“There is a general perception that outside industry players underestimate the health care market complexities and overestimate their ability to disrupt health care delivery. This represents an opportunity for traditional, health system players who understand the market complexities to either partner and/or develop to:

  1. Differentiate proactively against nontraditional players (assuming they are entering your market, and/or
  2. Shift share from your traditional competition employing nontraditional delivery disruption approaches.

“With that in mind, three health care delivery ‘disruption’ trends on the horizon are important to have on your radar screen.”

For an in-depth discussion of these three key trends, read the full article now:

How to Turn Current Health Care Delivery “Disruption” Into Opportunities

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