Market Research and Improved Segmentation Improve Ad Performance for Renown Health

April 19, 2018
Linda MacCracken, senior principal at Accenture

Linda MacCracken, senior principal at Accenture

How often do you go to Starbucks, and what do you order?

Your answer likely will be different from that of your co-worker or neighbor, since everyone has his or her own unique lifestyle and taste.

The same premise also holds true when it comes to selecting health care services. Different people have different needs and preferences, so how you market to them really depends on whom you target and what they care about, explains Linda MacCracken, senior principal at Accenture and adjunct lecturer on health policy and management at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health (and member of the Strategic Health Care Marketing Editorial Advisory Board).

It sounds like a simple concept, but when you apply this to your health care marketing, the results can be powerful.

MacCracken recently shared this Starbucks example with a multidisciplinary group of employees from Renown Health in Reno, Nevada, to illustrate the importance of understanding and relating to your target audience.

Suzanne Hendery

Suzanne Hendery, vice president & chief marketing officer for Renown Health

More specifically, the group was brainstorming how best to market Senior Care Plus, a Medicare Advantage Plan offered by Hometown Health, Renown Health’s provider-owned health plan.

Before going to market with the new ads, Suzanne B. Hendery, M.A., vice president & chief marketing officer for Renown Health, decided to test some of the campaign elements to see how effective they would be. She had recently joined Renown and wanted to get a better feel for the market and make sure the messaging was truly on target.

To learn how the team successfully gathered consumer input and helped boost enrollment 7 percent, read the full story now:

Similarities Between Coffee and Marketing: Understanding Taste, Preferences, and Your Target Audience’s Needs Ultimately Improves Your Marketing

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