How Gen X and Boomers Shop for Health Care

July 27, 2017
Ken Robbins, CEO of Response Mine Interactive

Ken Robbins, CEO of Response Mine Interactive

“Much has been written about marketing health care products and services to millennials, and for good reason,” says Ken Robbins, CEO and founder of digital agency Response Mine Interactive.

“Since millennials are coming into disposable income and are extremely health-conscious, it makes good sense to understand how to reach them. But marketers cannot afford to overlook other generations.

“More focus should be spent on baby boomers who are aging and accounting for larger portions of health care spend. Right behind them is Gen X, which is proving tricky for many marketers because they are a hybrid generation whose preferences are an amalgamation of boomers and millennials.”

To get Robbins’ take on the challenges and opportunities to digital marketers presented by Gen X, baby boomers, and the Greatest Generation, read our full article now:

Gen X Is All Grown Up: Meet the Patients Driving Health Care Consumerism

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