Tips From Google for Driving Patient Traffic To Your Doors

April 6, 2017
Ben Killmer, strategic partner manager at Google

Ben Killmer, strategic partner manager at Google

It probably comes as no surprise that in 2017, people are relying on smartphones more than ever before. And most of them go beyond using these devices to make calls, send texts, and check their emails.

They also go mobile to search for information, find services in their neighborhoods, and get directions. This trend has broad implications for your health care system.

According to Ben Killmer, strategic partner manager at Google, many opportunities exist for health care marketers who make the most of using digital marketing to guide patients right to their facility doors.

We asked Killmer for his insight into the latest digital search trends and his advice for marketers on how to grow their volume in this high-tech age. Read the interview now:

Putting Micro-Moments to Work for Your Organization: Q&A with Google’s Ben Killmer

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