A High-Touch Health Care Marketing Success Story

July 18, 2019
Terri Hanlon-Bremer, vice president of employer solutions, TriHealth

Terri Hanlon-Bremer, vice president of employer solutions, TriHealth

“In the occupational medicine business, quality service delivery is the differentiator,” says Terri Hanlon-Bremer, vice president of employer solutions at TriHealth in Cincinnati. “If a company is not happy with your service, they will quickly change to another provider.”

Health care marketers are always looking for new ways to reach consumers through social media platforms, digital advertising, and a strong, online presence, but the staff at TriHealth’s Occupational Medicine program have found that a high-touch, personal marketing strategy — one that involves good old-fashioned face-to-face relationship building — works well for their service.

The occupational medicine program is 35 years old and predates the merger of Bethesda and Good Samaritan Hospitals in 1995 to form TriHealth, says Hanlon-Bremer.

Employees at area businesses are the ultimate recipients of the program’s services, but employers are the primary client, making this a business-to-business marketing effort versus a business-to-consumer strategy.

Because the health system brand is strong and well-recognized, employers know who they are even though they are in a very competitive market, Hanlon-Bremer explains. “We can focus on explaining our specific services and working closely with clients to create the program that they need for their employees rather than explaining the health system,” she says. “This is an advantage over our competitors — other health systems, freestanding clinics, urgent care centers, primary care practices, and health clinics.”

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