Effectively Targeting Seniors — and Their Caregivers — is Critical. Here’s How.

June 1, 2018

Has your health care organization’s marketing strategy kept pace with your largest payer — Medicare? If not, you could be missing important opportunities to target seniors and caregivers with your services and keep them coming back for more.

Dan Ansel, founder and CEO of Active Daily Living

Dan Ansel, founder and CEO of Active Daily Living

As organizations have become more focused on trying to keep people well and heading off illness, the needs of Medicare patients have become increasingly important, since they represent a growing portion (more than 60 percent for most providers) of a system’s revenues. Medicare patients also will continue to lead the way, as organizations leave the fee-for-service model and embrace more managed-care arrangements, says Dan Ansel, founder and CEO of Active Daily Living, a population health platform.

“Seniors are the biggest segment of people who use health care services,” Ansel points out. Yet despite their importance in current and future business models, many groups, including health care providers, haven’t yet made a conscious effort to keep pace with the array of needs that go along with an aging population, he says.

While the issues around caring for Medicare recipients and meeting their needs through a coordinated continuum of care is very broad, Ansel and other experts have identified four lessons that can help groups sharpen their marketing efforts in this area.

The first involves caregivers: “As many as 35 to 45 percent of patients seen by primary care physicians in a day are Medicare patients, and about 40 percent of them have a caregiver with them in the exam room,” Ansel says. This means providers need to be sure they satisfy not only the patients themselves with their service but the caregivers as well.

For the other three lessons, read the full article now:

Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs to Mature with Your Aging Patients: 4 Keys to Success

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