How To Take the Lead in Strategic Discussions With Senior Leaders

May 26, 2022
Jennifer Horton, vice president of strategy, Ten Adams

Jennifer Horton, vice president of strategy, Ten Adams

For many senior leaders of health care organizations, adapting to constant changes in the COVID landscape for the past two years has been all-consuming. Yet refocusing on strategic priorities is essential for organizations to move forward.

Marketers can play a pivotal role in making that happen by facilitating brief and focused meetings with senior administrators to learn what their priorities and pain points are, and identify key themes and strategies that marketing can support.

Jennifer Horton, vice president of strategy for Ten Adams, and Jimmy Phillips, vice president of marketing and communications for Kettering Health, recently shared tips on how to get the attention of senior leaders and take the lead in strategic discussions with them.

“Marketing and communication is really changing and evolving,” says Horton. “We’ve become, and are continuing to become, the strategic advisors for our organizations.”

Phillips says, “By proactively working to get in front of your executives and spend time with them, you’re going to develop a relationship that enhances your credibility and makes you more visible throughout the organization.”

Horton and Phillips frame these conversations by asking three questions; read the full story now:

Ask Three Questions to Raise Your Profile with the C-Suite and Align Your Marketing Plan

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