Weekly Huddles Keep Projects Moving Lean Principles Enhance Marketing Activities

Sheryl S. Jackson

by Sheryl S. Jackson The principles of lean management are ideal for health care organizations. With the core idea of maximizing cus­tomer value while minimizing waste, it might seem that marketing staff members don’t even have to make changes when their organization under­goes a lean transformation. After all, they are the organization’s experts on communicating Read More

Racing to Wellness: The Consumer’s Point of View

// By Susan Dubuque // This article is the second in a series on the role of marketing in the face of a changing health care environment. Part one looked at a new way to define “wellness” and explored what hospitals and health systems around the country are doing to prepare for the transition from Read More

Letting Go Is Hard to Do Knowing When to Leave Your Job

by Ritch K. Eich, PhD On the morning of December 12, 1941, just five days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, newly minted Brigadier General Dwight D. Eisenhower was summoned from Texas to meet with Army Chief of Staff General George Marshall. He was directed to present Marshall with a strategy within just a few Read More

How to Reach Your Target Audience When You Don’t Know Who It Is Yet

by Peter Hochstein Quick, who’s your target audience? Some health care marketers might say, “Adult women. They’re the primary decision makers when it comes to family health care.” Or “I’m building traffic for our pediatric unit. So it’s young mothers.” Or “Couples who’ve had trouble conceiving – for our fertility center.” But if you’re selling Read More

Lakeland HealthCare Focuses Its Marketing Efforts on Employees

by Michele von Dambrowski “Every little thing matters,” says Megan Yore, referring to Lakeland HealthCare’s uncompromising focus on internal communications efforts. Yore, who is director of mar­keting for the St. Joseph, MI-based health system of 4,500 employees, observes, “Our associates deserve the best brand experience that we can give them – equal to that of Read More

Growing a Cancer Care Program: Promising Ways to Spread the Word

by Deborah Borfitz For a great many hospitals, a cancer service line is a top financial priority. Programs grow in varied directions and often against the marketing din of one another. The service line reaps returns on investment based on intelligent marketing moves in addition to the quality of the program itself. When Vero Beach, Read More

Racing to Wellness: The Wellness Spectrum

// By Susan Dubuque // This article is the first in a series on the role of marketing in the face of a changing health care environment. As one of the keynote speakers at the recent Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development annual conference so aptly put it, “Today’s health care marketers are standing Read More

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