How Can You Pivot to a Retail-First Mindset?

August 26, 2021
Annie Haarmann, head of strategy and consulting, healthcare and life science, Reputation

Annie Haarmann, head of strategy and consulting, healthcare and life sciences, Reputation

Consumer expectations have changed since the pandemic, and patients are shopping for health care much like they shop for retail goods. They want a seamless, Amazon-like digital experience and they expect to schedule an appointment, check in, pay a bill, or see a doctor virtually, all from a mobile device. Moreover, they pay attention to patient reviews and post feedback on their own experiences in real time.

The vast majority of consumers trust star ratings and third-party reviews and consider these the third most important decision-making factor after insurance and location. Health care organizations that leverage this dynamic and adopt a digital-first, retail mindset will be positioned to win in this new feedback-driven environment.

There’s no turning back. But how best to harness the power of digital and satisfy consumer demand?

Annie Haarmann, head of strategy and consulting, healthcare and life sciences, at Reputation; and Adeline Ashley, director of digital strategy and marketing communications at ProMedica, recently revealed how ProMedica boosted its visibility by an astounding 4,000 percent increase in Google post impressions, among other huge gains across multiple key metrics, These two thought leaders are paving the way for a highly successful, digital-first approach to consumers that is achieving stellar results.

Haarmann says it’s important to own all of the search results on Google for your brand, key service lines, and provider names.

“Health care brands should focus on Google to increase visibility because it’s the top destination for consumers who are researching care and seeking reviews and ratings on health care providers. This is especially true for millennials,” Haarmann says.

“If your organization’s business goal is to rank within the top three for local search, it’s important to consider all the ranking factors that will get you there. Your reviews, online listings, pages, and social engagement all work together to showcase your consumer experience. Reviews are not only important to the strategy, but they also impact how you show up on Google.”

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