Social Media & Online Reviews: How Do They Affect Your Health Care Brand and PowerScore?

October 24, 2019

A new Strategic Health Care Marketing webinar for health care marketers and digital strategists

Your Presenters:

Craig Fairfield and Amanda Herriman

Duration: 60 Minutes


Sponsored by Wax Custom Communications
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Join the healthcare marketing pros from Wax Custom Communications for an eye-opening look at what health care consumers really think of hospital quality awards — and how these rankings drive their health care decisions.

During this engaging discussion, you’ll take a deep dive into data from the 2018 National Healthcare Consumer Survey — conducted by Wax Custom Communications to determine the extent to which healthcare decisions are guided by a hospital’s awards and recognition.

You’ll get answers as well as actionable insights to polish your brand and drive patient volume.

You’ll learn:

  • Which award programs have the best marketing payback, and how to use them to support consumers’ care decisions
  • Which regions and demographic groups respond most favorably to hospital awards
  • How quality awards inform how patients select their outpatient, emergency and specialty care providers
  • How to maximize ad dollars by promoting your awards to the right audience, in the right channel
  • How the right messaging can ensure that your marketing efforts inspire action

You’ve spent considerable time and money to earn recognition for your hospital. Now it’s time to leverage those accolades for maximum impact and maximum return.

Join us on March 13 and you’ll this informative webinar with the insights to find your audience, refine your message — and create a holistic marketing strategy that takes full advantage of your hospital’s accomplishments.

Your Presenters

Craig Fairfield, MBA, Managing Director, Wax Custom Communications

Craig Fairfield, MBA
Managing Director
Wax Custom Communications

Craig has managed award-winning marketing programs for an impressive array of national and regional healthcare organizations. He holds degrees in international business, business administration and marketing from McKendree University in St. Louis, where he has taught in the School of Business. Craig has experience on both the agency and client sides as a strategist, researcher and writer specializing in healthcare communications.

Amanda Herriman, Marketing Manager, Wax Custom Communications

Amanda Herriman
Marketing Manager
Wax Custom Communications

The agency’s very own “Swiss Army Knife,” Amanda is one of those unusual people who is almost equally right- and left-brained. That means she brings to Wax a balanced blend of creative and analytical thinking — along with a unique perspective, a background in healthcare digital marketing and a degree in health services. She spends much of her time digging through marketing analytics, demographic and psychographic data, and GIS mapping for clues and insights to help the Wax team dream up omnichannel marketing strategies and healthcare advertising campaigns that motivate and inspire healthcare consumer decisions.