Population Health Program from North Texas Medicare Advantage Plan Boosts Healthy Opportunities for Seniors

October 18, 2018
care 'n' care insurance company - tai chi

Care N’ Care Insurance Company orchestrates events like Tai Chi in local parks to give aging adults opportunities socialize and increase activity levels

Senior citizens in North Texas have more opportunities than ever before to stay busy and interact with their peers — from practicing tai chi in the park, to watching cooking demonstrations, to attending informational sessions about using generic drugs, and lots more.

All of these and a host of other events are orchestrated by Care N’ Care Insurance Company, a local Medicare Advantage plan, with the goal of providing aging adults with easy-to-access opportunities to socialize and increase their activity levels. This is part of a broader strategy to fill an important need to improve seniors’ health and create healthier communities in the region.

Such a community engagement strategy targeting seniors is a business model that other health care providers and insurers focused on population health might consider to achieve better outcomes.

Wendy Karsten, CEO of Care N’ Care Insurance Company

Wendy Karsten, CEO of Care N’ Care Insurance Company

For Care N’ Care specifically, this focus is part of a new community outreach initiative to bring together community agencies and create an intergenerational support network. Such a network can help increase independence, reduce isolation, and encourage healthy living within the service area.

What makes this model particularly intriguing is that the activities target all residents, many of whom are not — and may never be — members of Care N’ Care’s Medicare Advantage plan.

Participation for members and non-members alike improves health and ensures that elders stay connected with their peers, which Care N’ Care’s CEO Wendy Karsten says is part of doing the responsible thing and taking care of people, which is truly at the heart of their mission.

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