Science, Soul, and Miracles Equal Increased Market Share for a Cancer Institute—and How You Can Create a Similar Equation

January 5, 2016

// By Lisa D. Ellis //

Lisa D. Ellis, photoWhat do you get when you mix science, soul, and miracles? At City of Hope, an independent biomedical research institution and comprehensive cancer center near Los Angeles, these ingredients are the recipe for second chances. And the sum is certainly bigger than the parts.

Lisa Stockmon, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at City of Hope

Lisa Stockmon, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at City of Hope

City of Hope’s mission is to cure cancer, diabetes, and other serious diseases,” explains Lisa Stockmon, the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at City of Hope and a member of the organization’s Executive Team. “We’re focused on innovative research and compassionate, patient-centered care—a combination that speeds new therapies to patients and makes medical miracles possible.”

Creating a Strategic Marketing Campaign

COH_lockup_3_FNL_CMYK_6.30.15Each year, City of Hope treats more than 7,500 people of all ages, ethnicities, and demographics at its main campus, and treats more than 17,000 people in clinics throughout Southern California. But its reach extends much farther than the region it serves. “As committed as we are to treating and preventing cancer within our community, we’re equally committed to helping people worldwide. That’s where our research comes in. The treatments and cures we create at City of Hope benefit people around the world,” Stockmon says.

To raise awareness about City of Hope’s unique role in furthering the field of cancer treatment, while also spotlighting its ability to turn research breakthroughs into therapeutic advances for patients everywhere, the organization recently launched a new marketing campaign called “The Miracle of Science with Soul.”

This campaign ramps up efforts to raise awareness of the institution’s impact on saving lives, while attracting new donors to support innovative biomedical research and technology.

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