Think It’s Difficult Getting People to Read TV “Supers” Listing Medical Outcomes? Premier Health of Ohio Found a Cute Solution

July 24, 2015

Notable Health Care Advertising

// By Peter Hochstein //

Peter HochsteinSo let’s say you want to reassure future moms and about-to-be moms in your region that your health care system offers lots of birthing options and has lots of medical expertise—whether the moms turn out to have normal deliveries or deliveries with complications.

Backing up that expertise, you have the region’s most experienced Level 3b ICU. You have the region’s only perinatal intensive care unit. You also have services for multiple gestations. And you have a natural child-birthing center.

You want to pack as much information about the outcomes of your high-tech expertise and birthing options as you can into a 30-second TV spot, because TV is still usually the most impactful way to make an impression quickly. But how can you do it all in 30 seconds?

premier-health-logoInstead of taking some of the usual routes—recitations of facts about your medical staff and their credentials, pictures of high-tech facilities and equipment, or various moms offering testimonials—Premier Health, a multi-hospital southern Ohio health care system with 1,892 licensed beds and more than 868,000 annual outpatient visits, has found a new way to go.

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