Tips for Mastering Short-Form Video Production for Your Health Care Brand

November 23, 2022
John Ferin

John Ferin

“So, you’ve been assigned to create a short-form video for your health care organization. Maybe you even have a ring light, a tripod, dedicated studio space, or a quality microphone. Now what?” says John Ferin, content strategy and development lead at ddm.

In a new article, Ferin shares three tips that will serve you well when creating short-form videos for your health care organization.

“Anyone who can hit ‘record’ and ‘stop’ on an iPhone can make a video,” he says. “To make your video stand out from a crowded pack, it’s essential to first think critically about the purpose of your video and its intended audience, then follow a few basic do’s and don’ts of production. Following these best practices can save time and energy later.

“Recent research shows that short-form video claims to have the highest return on investment rate compared to all other social media marketing strategies. Facebook-commissioned research conducted by Nielsen showed that when health care brands paired Facebook with TV in their campaigns, it resulted in a 66 percent increase in brand awareness and a 57 percent increase in intent, compared with TV ads only.

“Anywhere from a few seconds to no more than a couple minutes long, short-form videos are easy to produce and custom-made for an audience with a short attention span. Although these videos might ultimately live alongside others on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, or YouTube, they can be just as effective on your organization’s website or app. Wherever your patients are, a good short video leaves them with more information about your organization, the people behind it, and why they should trust you with their health.”

Read the full article to unlock valuable tips on producing short-form videos for your health care organization: How to Make Short-Form Videos for Your Health Care Brand

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