Strategic Issues/Trends

Marketing and HR Join Forces to Elevate Nurse Recruitment

Susan Dubuque

It’s not news that nurses are in demand. Here’s how one health system combined the talents of two disciplines — marketing and HR — to tackle it together. // By Susan Dubuque // Nurse recruitment is vital to the growth and survival of every health care organization today. A successful recruitment effort requires that departments Read More

Better Health, One Haircut at a Time

Althea Fung

Barbers across the country are helping their customers identify and prevent health problems. For Black men, these trusted relationships can be a lifesaver. // By Althea Fung // We all know the trope — men don’t like to visit the doctor. Unfortunately, for Black men, the cliché has all too real consequences. Black men avoid Read More

What Does the Primary Care Shakeup in 2022 Really Mean?

Alan Shoebridge is associate vice president, national communication for Providence

The pace of change in primary care will continue to accelerate. We should not be scared by this change, but we do need to act. // By Alan Shoebridge // Most of us have heard the saying that things change gradually and then suddenly. Is primary care having that moment now? After years of incremental change, Read More

For Health Care Marketers, SHSMD 2022 Was a Chance to Reflect and Recharge

Jane Weber Brubaker

The art of planning a conference involves taking the pulse of an industry, reflecting on the major themes, and creating a program that recharges attendees with inspirational ideas and the opportunity to build deeper connections with each other, and challenges them to think differently and consider fresh perspectives. At this year’s SHSMD Connections, it was Read More

Remote Patient Monitoring: Has the Tipping Point Arrived?

Chintan Prajapati is a Senior Solutions Architect at Apexon

Remote patient monitoring — inside and outside the four walls of a hospital, with real-time connections between patients and providers — offers benefits to both. During the pandemic, hospitals needed to efficiently provide care to more patients without compromising safety, doctor-patient engagement, quality of care delivery, and patient satisfaction. Higher consumer expectations, increased digitization, and Read More

SHSMD Connections 2022: An Industry Reboot

Suneel Gupta headshot

Four keynote speakers encourage conference attendees to rebalance, reassess, rebound, and reset. // By Jane Weber Brubaker // The art of planning a conference involves taking the pulse of an industry, reflecting on the major themes, and creating a program that recharges attendees with inspirational ideas and the opportunity to build deeper connections with each Read More

How to Improve Outcomes and Exceed Patient Expectations with RPM and IoT


Real-time connections between patients and providers — inside and outside the four walls of hospitals — offer benefits to both. What are the strategic implications? // By Chintan Prajapati // Higher consumer expectations, increased digitization, and the Covid-19 pandemic have all contributed to the trend toward monitoring patient health remotely. This new frontier has ushered Read More

Report Download: Service Line Growth: Optimized Search & Social Campaigns Supercharge Health Risk Assessments

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Monigle Survey Ranks the Most Humanized Health Care Brand Experiences

Althea Fung

When providers demonstrate warmth and an empathetic, human view of health care, it matters to consumers. // By Althea Fung // People respond to people. But with the rise of technology in marketing, many brands sound less and less human. This is particularly true in health care, where organizations haven’t traditionally been consumer-centric. But some Read More

3 New Studies Map Consumers’ Reaction to Health Care Disruption

Jane Weber Brubaker

What do consumers value in their health care? How do they value the care from a health system compared to the care they might be offered by a non-traditional care provider? Health care has largely viewed those encroaching on its turf — from retail, big tech, and startups, among others — as a threat. But Read More

Building a Web of Trust to Overcome Health Disparities

Terris King, Sc.D., CEO of the Lukan Group, and pastor of Liberty Grace Church of God in Baltimore

This is a tale of three cities, or more accurately, two cities and a state, where partnerships between faith-based organizations and health systems — built on trust and mutual respect — are solving some of health care’s toughest challenges. // By Jane Weber Brubaker // An article titled “COVID and Race” appeared in the New Read More

Health Care Disruption? Consumers Say, “Bring It On”

Laila Waggoner, senior health care strategist, Core Health

Is disruption a good or bad thing? It depends on whom you ask. // By Jane Weber Brubaker // Let’s talk about disrupters. Health care has largely viewed those encroaching on its turf — from retail, big tech, and startups, among others — as a threat. But how do consumers see things? Before the COVID-19 Read More

It’s a SHSMD Celebration — and You’re Invited!

Jane Weber Brubaker

SHSMD Connections 2022 will inspire, challenge, and empower health care professionals to reclaim their resilience, roll up their sleeves, and get creative in solving the industry’s biggest challenges today and in the future. // By Jane Weber Brubaker // When the Society for Health Care Strategy & Market Development’s SHSMD Connections 2022 conference convenes September Read More

How Advance Care Planning Improves Patient Experience

L. Scott Brown, president and CEO, ADVault

Death and dying is a reality we are all going to face. So it is remarkable that end-of-life care isn’t as freely spoken about between providers and patients as it should be. This highlights an often overlooked communication challenge in the health care industry: How do you integrate end-of-life care into the patient experience in Read More

UCSF Health Is Leveling Up for Digital Transformation

Aaron Neinstein, MD, vice president for digital health at UCSF Health

In most industries, digital transformation is more than a simple buzzword. It’s a connected experience for customers looking for access, convenience, on-demand service, and an expected good outcome. In health care, a two-plus-year pandemic accelerated the forces underlying these challenges, continuing to raise consumer expectations in an industry that historically struggles with real change for Read More

Report Download: Provider Perspectives on Digital Access

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Learn providers’ latest thoughts on their digital presence in both internal and third-party channels, their new-found respect for online scheduling, and what tools are helping them mitigate workforce shortages.

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What is the Role of Marketing in Driving Growth for a Health Care Organization?

Sandra Mackey, Chief Marketing Officer, Bon Secours Mercy Health

“Growth means different things to different organizations at different times,” says Daniel Fell of Optum. “One thing is very clear, though. The role of marketing has never been more critical.” Here’s an excerpt from Fell’s new article: We recently turned to several leading health care marketers across the country, representing a variety of health care Read More

At Renown Health, Employees Have a Friend in Senior Leadership


When you think of the view from the C-suite, you think of a physical or metaphorical high-rise vantage point. A position that sits above many others, taking in big-picture ideas and providing direction for the masses. But Renown Health’s Suzanne Hendery tries to keep that C-suite view on a similar level to her managers and Read More

Level Up and Lead Your Organization to Digital Transformation

Sarah Sanders, chief marketing and brand experience officer at UCSF Health

University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) Health Creates a Coordinated Patient Experience with Persistent Cross-Functional Teamwork // By John Marzano // Incredible advances in health care over the past 20 years have dramatically improved patients’ outcomes and lives. Yet care remains difficult to access, expensive, inequitable, and falls short of consumer expectations despite advancements Read More

A Medical Career Spent in Service of Improving Health Disparities


Growing up, Lloyd Dean saw the impact of health disparities in his own community. His experiences motivated him to use his formidable leadership abilities to change things for the better. He will retire this summer after a long and impactful career. “Imagine 11 people in a house of three bedrooms and being on welfare when Read More