Turnkey Podcasting Offers Engagement and Ready-Made Content

June 9, 2022
Bill Klaproth, director of marketing and Pod Talk Host for DoctorPodcasting by RadioMD

Bill Klaproth, director of marketing and Pod Talk Host for DoctorPodcasting by RadioMD

Podcasts have shown remarkable growth in listenership over the past decade and have quickly become a mainstream marketing tool and an effective way to educate and connect with your target audience. The content you create for a podcast also fills the pipeline for all of your other channels.

Health care marketers face common challenges, from increasing customer engagement to driving revenue and service-line growth and showing return on investment.

“Content is the answer,” says Bill Klaproth, director of marketing and a Pod Talk Host for DoctorPodcasting by RadioMD.  “You need it for everything: your website, social media, blogs, YouTube channel, newsletters, print publications, radio advertising, etc. Podcasts give your doctors a voice and give you compelling content to fill all of your marketing channels.”

Klaproth explains how a podcast library on your website builds engagement and offers content on the spot:

“Consumers are on your website looking for a solution to their health problem, or information on a health condition, and with podcasts, you can add audio anywhere on your website from your physicians with topics directly related to solving a consumer’s problem, or answers to their health questions that can often be the difference between the consumer making an appointment or moving on to a competitor.

“Podcasts also make a great addition to your physician bio pages, which are one of the most common entry points for patients, and a crucial part of any physician marketing strategy,” he says.

Read the full story now and learn how turnkey podcasting makes it simple for health care marketers to tap into the power of this valuable marketing platform:

Podcasts: The Engine Filling Your Content Pipeline

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