Prevent Patient “Ghosting” at Your Health Care Organization with These Strategies

October 20, 2022

Does your organization invest heavily in generating leads through your marketing channels — social media, website optimization, paid search — only to have little new-patient growth? If so, you may have a prospective patient ghosting issue in your patient pipeline.

Ghosting is when a valid lead who has taken some kind of action — a web form, phone call, or HRA — never engages or moves forward despite multiple outgoing contact attempts.

Patient ghosting most commonly occurs in high consumer choice, elective service lines/specialties:

  • General Surgery
  • Pain Management
  • Bariatrics
  • Behavioral Health
  • Fertility
  • Cosmetic Surgery

If you spend scarce marketing dollars to attract new patients to your high-margin service lines only to have them ghost you, a solution may be within your REACH.

Jessica Walker, founder and CEO, Care Sherpa

Jessica Walker, founder and CEO, Care Sherpa

In a new article, Jessica Walker, founder and CEO at Care Sherpa, shares that 79 percent of prospective patient leads never convert to a patient.

The best practice to stop ghosting and repair a leaky conversion funnel, she says, is to follow the R.E.A.C.H. method. This methodology is based on her team’s data and experience working with clients. The goals of this method are twofold: (1) resolving the non-responders, and (2) increasing front-end revenue cycle.
Read our new article to discover the five strategic methods Walker recommends to prevent prospective patient ghosting and improve your organization’s conversion rates. You’ll also learn the top reasons why leads do not convert to patients, according to Care Sherpa’s research.

Don’t let your organization get ghosted!

Read the full article here: Five Ways to Stop Patient Prospects from Ghosting You

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