Zucchini Salad Recipes. Bag Lunch Packing Instructions. A Nerdy Guy and His Dog Who Run Treadmills. Is This How to Advertise Hospitals These Days? Yes.

June 5, 2018

Notable Health Care Advertising

// By Peter Hochstein //

Peter HochsteinFor the 36 or so years I’ve been writing this column, hospital marketing managers and their agencies have been telling me they didn’t want their ads to look like “typical hospital advertising.”

And much hospital advertising really has been atypical. I’ve seen senior citizens doing stand-up comedy routines. There was, quite a while ago, a TV spot depicting pregnant women on a conveyor belt. There were infants wearing captioned onesies that took the place of screen titles.

But all of these talked more or less directly about hospital services or outcomes. Now a new kind of hospital advertising is popping up and it barely mentions the hospitals behind the ads. In fact, the agencies are even reluctant to call their work ads. So we’ll refer to them here as videos.

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