6 Key Strategies for Health Care Marketing Success in 2023

January 19, 2023
Amalia Stanton, Memorial Hermann Health System

Amalia Stanton

Health care marketing has entered a new “era of change,” according to Amalia Stanton, senior vice president and chief strategic communications & marketing officer at Memorial Hermann Health System.

It has been 34 months since the COVID-19 pandemic uprooted our lives and altered the way we work — perhaps forever. This time period has been like no other for individuals working in the health care field, including the marketing and communications professionals who play a critical role in supporting operations, strategy, and the overall success of a health delivery organization.

Similarly changed, consumers became less loyal to their health care brands, had higher expectations for ease of access and shorter wait times, and became increasingly less patient and forgiving.

The devastating impact of the pandemic — including workforce shortages, supply chain disruptions, inflation, and reimbursements not matching the skyrocketing cost of care — continues to take its toll on health care delivery.

For marketing professionals, this translates into the need to, now more than ever, work hand in hand with operations, patient experience, and digital functions. There will be a renewed need to prove the efficacy of budgets, justify staff, and demonstrate success in achieving both short- and long-term goals while exhibiting a solid return on marketing investments.

Combined with increased competition from health care disrupters, as well as waning consumer loyalties due to less-than-ideal experiences, it has become increasingly evident that many tried-and-true marketing efforts need to be re-examined to ensure continued success in today’s market.

This coming year will require marketing executives to:

  1. Listen actively
  2. Deliver seamless service to patients
  3. Rethink brand activities
  4. Compete effectively with new disrupters
  5. Realize past messaging and content may not work today
  6. Continually strive to improve equity and access.

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