Follow the Leader: What You Can Learn from the Marketing Efforts of Three Biotech Companies

November 2, 2015

// By Lisa D. Ellis //

Lisa D. Ellis, photoThere’s more pressure today than ever before on hospitals and other health care organizations to provide high-value, patient-centered care for a growing audience. As a result, marketing departments are being pushed to find creative ways to leverage their shrinking budgets and resources to help achieve these ambitious goals.

If this describes your situation, and you’re struggling to find the most efficient ways to make every dollar count to garner the biggest results, you may want to look to the experiences of some of the latest biotechnology companies to help guide your efforts.

Looking to Biotechnology Companies

Whether they are in the start-up phase or further along the road to success, many biotech companies have to find strategic ways to comply with regulations and accomplish more with less, according to Kat McDavitt, Director of Strategic Services for Dodge Communications based in Atlanta, Georgia.

McDavitt also says that many of these high-tech companies are achieving just the right mix, and their examples can be great models for all types of organizations operating in the health care space.

She cites three biotech companies that have done an especially good job coping with challenges inherent in the marketplace—such as by finding comprehensive ways to meet regulatory requirements, staying one step ahead of the competition, and helping to position their brand for longevity within the existing and future realities.

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