From Market Data to Content: How Merck Manuals Digitally Connects with Consumers and Physicians Across the Globe

October 30, 2015

// By Derek Mabie //

Derek MabieBy 2020, Merck Manuals wants to reach 3 billion people, giving them current, accurate medical information. The nonprofit organization has served as a trusted peer-reviewed resource within the medical community since 1899, providing health information to medical professionals and individuals seeking information on everything from flu vaccines to complex cancer diagnoses.

While Merck’s goal of providing medical information hasn’t changed, the process through which its “customers” find those answers has changed. Consumers, and even doctors, stay connected constantly today; they use phones, tablets, and laptops to cast a wide net for information that either provides pertinent content or requires the searcher to keep looking.

Read on to learn how Merck Manuals created the Global Medical Knowledge 2020campaign to relaunch its revamped online content with aggressive goals for increasing search traffic and brand reach to fulfill its mission of “making the best current medical information accessible by up to 3 billion professionals and patients on every continent by 2020.”

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