Get a More Complete Picture of Patient Experience

December 1, 2016
William Maples, MD, Chief Medical Officer for Professional Research Consultants, Inc.

William Maples, M.D., Chief Medical Officer for Professional Research Consultants, Inc.

How satisfied are your patients with the care they receive in your facility? Your answer may be based on the latest HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) data, which provides an important way to track key measures from the patient perspective. This can provide valuable insight into your strengths and weaknesses. But while this information likely plays a significant role in your bottom line, it may not go far enough to capture a realistic snapshot of the situation.

That’s why William Maples, M.D., Chief Medical Officer for Professional Research Consultants, Inc., suggests your organization supplement this survey with your own additional efforts.

“With respect to patient experience alone, the HCAHPS metrics touch on patient experience; however, they do not address key elements of patient satisfaction. A more complete set of experience metrics would include feedback from patients, feedback from staff, and feedback from physicians,” Maples says.

Maples has spent more than 25 years in active practice as a clinician, and has held a variety of leadership roles, giving him a firsthand understanding of what’s involved in delivering effective patient care. To better understand the current realities—and the needs that exist—Strategic Health Care Marketing Editor Lisa Ellis recently spoke with him for an insider’s view of how organizations can create and maintain a strong culture of excellence.

Read the full article now: Going Beyond HCAHPS Data to Track Customers’ Experiences

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