Beyond Testimonials: A Fresh Way To Advertise Your Expertise

May 18, 2017
Peter Hochstein

Peter Hochstein

“If you’ve been involved with hospital advertising for a while, you’ve probably seen it all,” observes Peter Hochstein, veteran copywriter and SHCM contributor.

“Touching testimonials from patients telling what a hospital’s doctors did for them. Doctors explaining how they collaborated on a medical breakthrough. Pictures galore of high-tech tools, people in surgical masks, MRI images of brains, microscopic images of cells.

“So how can you get out the story about your own hospital’s medical innovations—and still avoid the sense that you’re copying some other hospital’s campaign?”

Hochstein notes that “they recently found a new way to accomplish this goal at University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston”—a 666-bed institution battling a reputation as the place that serves prisoners and the indigent, despite new facilities and cutting-edge research.

How did UTMB turn things around? Read Hochstein’s full article now:

Is There a Fresh Way Left to Advertise That Your Hospital Is in the Front Lines of Medical Science? Here’s a Surprisingly Engaging One from Galveston, Texas

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