High-Value Health Care Consumers, Part 2: How to Cultivate Innovators and Early Adopters

August 21, 2020

// By Paula Serios //

In Part 1 of this two-part series, we looked at surprising results from a proprietary national study. Two cohorts — Innovators and Early Adopters — have the potential to consume more health services and generate higher revenues than any other. The key is to understand what makes them tick, and then serve up authentic, unique, and meaningful experiences.

The Innovator and Early Adopter cohorts tend to be younger, married with children, well educated, high-income, employed, and commercially insured. They make the majority of health care decisions for themselves, their partners or spouses, their children, and increasingly for their parents. They are visionaries who are highly motivated in that decision-making process.

They are digital natives or highly fluent digital immigrants focused on the convenience of digital and the value it provides to them as individuals. To precisely reach this unique behaviorally driven segment, health care providers and payers must have a digital-first foundation:

  • An optimized website as a digital hub, including retail-friendly design and interface that meets their needs with simplicity on any device, with particular attention paid to the mobile experience
  • A clinical and marketing-integrated data repository that allows for deep mining and analysis and leads to dynamic, actionable marketing strategies
  • The ability to layer behavioral attributes over the Innovator and Early Adopter demographics for precise targeting

Once your foundation is in place, there are three strategic pillars to begin cultivating Innovators and Early Adopters.

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