Is Your Organization Poised for Success as Empowered Consumers Take a More Active Role In Their Health Care Management?

January 22, 2015

Consumers want ease, convenience, and price transparency when purchasing health care—all the things they have when purchasing everything else. This means they are now assuming a more active role managing their health care decisions through participation in consumer-directed health plans (CDHPs), which have been around for about 10 years, and more recently through public and private insurance exchanges.

“The entire model is shifting to more of a retail orientation,” says Preston Gee, Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Dallas-based CHRISTUS Health, and member of the SHCM Editorial Advisory Board. “The individual is more empowered, more engaged, and has more economic skin in the game.”

Gee, author of The Service Line Solution: Consumer-Focused Strategies for the Accountable Care Era, notes that these dynamics radically change the competitive landscape for providers. “In a more consumer-driven environment, the real competitors are the ones that understand consumers,” he says.

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