CHRISTUS Health Unifies Its Mission Through Advertising

February 22, 2024

CHRISTUS Health has been committed to the health and well-being of individuals and communities for generations. Today, it remains true to its original mission and purpose.

// By Susan Dubuque //

Susan Dubuque, a strategist and writer specializing in health care and behavior change, was a cofounder and principal of Two Tango (formerly NDP Agency).How do you craft a cohesive message platform that makes sense for an expanding organization comprising three separate religious congregations with hospitals and health care facilities spread across Texas, Louisiana, and New Mexico? The answer? Build from your mission and stay focused on purpose.

Jeff Stewart, vice president of strategic marketing for CHRISTUS Health, and his marketing team, were charged with that very task. “Two factors drove our efforts,” explains Stewart. “First, as our health system continued to grow and diversify, we recognized the need for CHRISTUS to take a more active role in brand management. Second, our five-year strategic plan included a goal of expressing our shared purpose systemwide.”

Jeff Stewart, FACHE, vice president, strategic marketing, CHRISTUS Health

Jeff Stewart, FACHE, vice president, strategic marketing, CHRISTUS Health

CHRISTUS Health’s formal mission statement is: To extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. The system operationalizes its mission by offering care that is personal, accessible, and reliable. The essence of these attributes is captured in the system’s new brand promise: Your health. Your Life. Our purpose.

“Implementing consistent advertising for all CHRISTUS facilities and services requires more than applying the same logo, corporate colors, and typography,” remarks Stewart. “While all our health systems share the same core purpose, each community has unique needs and a proud legacy of care.”

Read on to see how CHRISTUS Health’s brand promise is reflected in its broader advertising initiatives, while also responding to the distinctive needs and opportunities of each of its markets.

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