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Establishing a Case for the Social Determinants of Health

Susan Dubuque

// By Susan Dubuque // As payers shift to value-based reimbursement, paying attention to social determinants of health is no longer optional. When you think about supporting the health of your patients and building a healthier community, what comes to mind? A robust medical staff? Great technology? A beautiful new hospital facility? A wide range Read More

Beyond Cultural Competence: Cultural Humility, Cultural Safety, and Recommendations for Better Communication

Ndome Yvonne Essoka

// By Ndome Yvonne Essoka // The “Three C’s of Health Equity” aim to enhance providers’ knowledge about the cultures or groups usually defined by racial/ethnic or sexual minority groups. Safety and humility are key. In recent times, buzzwords like “cultural competence,” “cultural humility,” and “cultural safety” have grown in popularity and become rooted into Read More

Free Guide: Your Find Care Experience

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With nearly 60% of consumers turning to the internet to find new care options, it’s more important than ever for healthcare organizations to make it easy for consumers to search for, select, and schedule care in a single Find Care experience.

For new insights into consumer preferences and actionable strategies for creating a holistic Find Care experience—plus a self-assessment checklist—download the guide.

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Behavioral Science and Digital Conversion Tools

Cathy Turner and Alyssa Carter

How Virginia Hospital Center Used “Nudge Theory” to Drive Service Line Growth

A new Strategic Health Care Marketing webinar for health care marketers and strategists

Presented on May 25, 2022

Your Presenters:

  • Cathy Turner, MS, Director Health Promotion & Senior Health at Virginia Hospital Center
  • Alyssa Carter, Director of Marketing at Wellsource

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Technology Platform Integrated with Primary Care Takes Aim at One of Health Care’s Most Crushing Problems: Mental Health

Brenda Reiss-Brennan, PhD, APRN

// By Cheryl L. Serra // Fragmentation and lack of coordination in health care are still rampant. Intermountain Healthcare has proven that a team-based, holistic approach to mental health, rooted in primary care and enabled through technology, improves outcomes and reduces cost. More than 20 years ago, Brenda Reiss-Brennan, PhD, APRN, recalls being invited by Read More

Struggling with Referral Growth? Align Your Physician Relationship Management Channels

John McKeever

// By John McKeever // When marketing, outreach, and operations collaborate to meet the needs of physicians, everyone wins. Successful physician relationship management has been a longstanding goal of health care leaders. No doubt its importance remains, but success requirements continue to evolve. If your organization is questioning what industry leaders are doing to maximize Read More

The Growth Imperative and Why Marketing Must Lead

Daniel Fell, marketing consultant and senior strategist at Optum

// By Daniel Fell // Growth is far from one-dimensional and shouldn’t be thought of in terms of new patients and new revenue only. Growth is important for every organization. Whether it’s for-profits or not-for-profits, start-ups or established market leaders, every business depends on some level of growth to succeed in the near term. Growth Read More

Digital HEDI Communications Success


How Johns Hopkins Medicine Created a Winning Digital Solution and Outreach Strategy for Advancing Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A new Strategic Health Care Marketing webinar for health care marketers and strategists

Presented on May 4, 2022

Your Presenters:

  • Suzanne Sawyer, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • David Simpkins, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Moderated by:

  • Brian Griffin, Health Care Journalist and Former Health System Marketing Director


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Takeaways from PRC’s 2022 Consumer Survey


// By Jane Weber Brubaker // PRC’s biennial National Healthcare Consumer Study sheds light on consumer attitudes impacting health care decisions, expectations about quality of care, and generational differences. Every other year, PRC conducts a National Healthcare Consumer Study. The 2022 edition reflects research conducted in 2021, comparing it with previous surveys from 2019, 2017, Read More

UCLA Health Leading the Way in Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Linda Ho, executive director, marketing innovation, technology, and operations, UCLA Health

// By Brian Griffin // A prominent West Coast health system is building a care environment, work culture, and community presence that takes health equity, diversity, and inclusion to the next level. UCLA Health is emerging as a national leader in addressing racial inequities in health care and across society. In light of growing local Read More

Project ECHO Moves Knowledge, Not People

Ben Cloutier, director of communications and marketing, Project ECHO

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // One physician specialist’s vision for sharing his expertise with primary care providers has grown into a global movement that extends specialized care to patients in underserved communities. Health care industry expert Paul Keckley challenges the belief that all health care is local, calling it “the myth that refuses to Read More

Social Media Initiative Focuses on Positioning Advocate Aurora Health As a Provider of Choice Among Growing Hispanic Market

Sarah Scroggins, director, social media, Advocate Aurora Health

// By Brian Griffin // One of the Midwest’s largest health systems is effectively using social media to reach its Spanish-speaking population with information about COVID-19 and important health services for the community. As diversity, equity, and inclusion continue to increase in importance, Advocate Aurora Health has been making strong progress in connecting online with Read More

Tips for Thriving in a Hybrid Workplace

Susan Dubuque

// By Susan Dubuque // On March 16, 2020, I met with a group of fellow Donate Life America volunteers in my office. That would be my last face-to-face meeting for the next 18 months.  My story is not unique. Throughout the pandemic, many nonessential employees have made the adjustment to working remotely. Somehow, we Read More

Johns Hopkins Medicine — Positioning Brand Beyond the Product

Suzanne Sawyer, SVP, chief marketing and communications officer, Johns Hopkins Medicine

// By John Marzano // In the middle of a pandemic, with the world tuning in daily to view the latest alarming statistics on infections, hospitalizations, and deaths, Johns Hopkins Medicine launched a new brand campaign centered on hope, connection, and progress. During the past two years of a pandemic that continues to rage throughout Read More

8 Dimensions of Patient-Centered Care Revisited and Reaffirmed

Ryan Donohue, corporate director of program development, NRC Health

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // The 2021 book Patient No Longer asks the question, “What makes the top organizations in the country unique?” Let’s face it. Health care is a maze, and patients often feel like the rat, trying to get through and hitting one dead end after another. More often than not, health Read More

Personalized Content Key to Earning Consumers’ Trust in Walmart As a Health and Wellness Destination

Diana Jones, communications and wellness consultant, Walmart

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // Walmart’s marketing VP believes that high-quality, personalized health care content is the start to building trusted relationships with consumers, and supporting them on their health care journeys. Notwithstanding the health care industry’s keen interest in Walmart and figuring out what its next move might be, most consumers still think Read More

Marketing-Led “Executive Visioning” Meetings: Elevate Your Organization’s Strategic Focus and Raise Your Profile with the C-Suite

Discover the power of a unique 30-minute meeting to help organization leaders see beyond the pandemic to the future.

A new Strategic Health Care Marketing webinar for health care marketers and strategists

Presented on March 10, 2022

Your Presenters:

  • Jennifer Horton, MBA, Vice President of Strategy, Ten Adams
  • Jimmy Phillips, MBA, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Kettering Health

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Riding the Waves of COVID and Pushing Progress in Physician Relations

Jennifer Lofgren, regional director of network development, Loyola Medicine

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // The urgent need of health care organizations to make up for lost business during the pandemic creates an opportunity for physician relations teams to become the critical communications link between service-line leaders and high-priority referring physicians. In spite of the population of Austin, Texas growing by a net of Read More

Summit Health: Why a Health System Without a Hospital Makes Sense

Matt Gove, chief marketing officer, Summit Health

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // The story of health care over the past two years is the story of provider organizations adapting to extreme circumstances and constant change, which continues to this day; as of this writing in late December 2021, the U.S. reported 488,000 new COVID-19 infections, breaking its single-day record. But back Read More

5 Keys to Building Stronger Relationships Between Marketing and Finance


Increased economic pressures caused by the pandemic and other factors are making it more important than ever for marketers to partner with their chief financial officers to develop a deeper understanding of finance and demonstrate return on investment for marketing spending.

A new Strategic Health Care Marketing webinar for health care marketers and strategists

Presented on January 12, 2022

Your Presenters:

  • Amy Stevens, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Tidelands Health
  • Beth Ward, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Tidelands Health
  • Melissa Fors, Vice President of Marketing Strategy, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
  • James A. Blaha, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation


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