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Patient Access Journey Report

Kyruus 2019 Patient Access Journey Report Cover

What Health Systems Need to Know to Engage Today’s Consumers

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Do you have the insight you need into how today’s consumers make healthcare decisions to capture their attention effectively?

For the third year in a row, Kyruus surveyed 1,000 people about how they search for, select, and book appointments with providers to understand their access journeys. This year’s report reveals that convenient access to care is increasingly important to consumers, and health system brand has a growing influence on their care decisions.

Key findings about today’s consumers include:

  • 93% conduct research on providers, even after receiving a referral from a provider
  • 50% weren’t able to book an appointment on the first call into a health system call center
  • 44% visited an urgent care clinic this year, with speed of access as the top reason

For more insights into how today’s consumers access care and trends over time, download the report.

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Six Essential Patient Access Metrics

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Do you know how patients are accessing – or leaving – your health system?

As the healthcare landscape continues to become more competitive, delivering the access, convenience, and experience patients are looking for will be critical to achieving sustainable growth. However, many health systems currently lack the insights they need to understand how patients access their care and identify when — and why — they leave the network.

In this white paper, health system leaders will learn the six key metrics to:

  • Understand their provider networks & identify potential gaps in coverage
  • Align patient demand with provider supply & optimize capacity utilization
  • Evaluate access performance across points of entry (e.g., online, call center)

Download this free white paper to learn the metrics your organization needs to move the needle on access.

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Want to Engage Physicians? Listen to Them

Jim Blazar, executive vice president and chief strategy officer, Hackensack Meridian Health

// By Marcia Simon, APR // Your communications team works hard to produce content that engages physicians. The problem is that your clinicians may completely ignore it. How do you get them to pay attention? Recruiting, retaining, and communicating effectively with your attending physicians affects everything from patient satisfaction and operating costs to hospital reputation Read More

Virtual Voice Assistants Deliver in Ways That Websites Can’t

William Gagnon, senior director of digital engagement at Boston Children’s Hospital

// By Marcia Simon, APR // Boston Children’s Hospital and Atrium Health are among the pioneers of Alexa “skills,” similar to apps on a mobile device. Alexa’s HIPAA compliance has been a game changer, making it easier for users to quickly gain access to information they need. “Alexa, what is rotator cuff tendinitis?” “Alexa, where’s Read More

A Case for the Why

Ross K. Goldberg is president of Kevin/Ross Public Relations

// By Ross K. Goldberg // Many of the people practicing health care public relations or marketing communications owe their educational roots to journalism school where they were taught, in no uncertain terms, that the elements of a good story are found in the five W’s. Who, what, where, when, and why became the Bible Read More

How Can You Get Potential Patients to Pay More Attention to Your Hospital’s Advertising? Try Telling Them What They Do for You

Peter Hochstein

Here’s a new approach to hospital advertising that turns an old technique on its head. // By Peter Hochstein // It’s difficult to sift through hospital advertising month after month without regularly coming across some variation of the phrase “We care about you.” Little wonder. As hospital systems grow larger and busier, they also can Read More

View from the C-Suite with Dr. Tony Slonim, CEO of Renown Health

A vision for population health through community partnerships and innovation // By Jane Weber Brubaker // Under Dr. Tony Slonim’s leadership, Renown Health has forged strong connections with the community, acting as a catalyst for change. “If you want to improve the health of your community, engage the people who are most likely to be Read More

Patients as Customers: Hospitals Play Catchup

Lindsay Resnick, executive vice president, Wunderman Thompson Health

Winners are betting on data-driven insights, personalized experiences, and relationships built on trust. // By Lindsay Resnick // With today’s constant stream of digital health tools, it’s never been easier or faster for customers to take charge. They’re following a path to care where they feel important and are treated well — and they’ll avoid Read More

Facts About Vaccines: How Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Combats Misinformation

Althea Fung

// By Althea Fung // The recent outbreak of measles puts the issue of vaccination front and center, especially for children’s hospitals. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has taken a leadership role in providing accurate, evidence-based information through its Vaccine Education Center. Measles cases are on the rise. All six regions of the World Health Organization Read More

Everything Is Changing but Change Management

Why Doesn’t It Work? // By Andrea Simon, PhD // Change is hard, and leadership style can either make it easier — or more difficult. When traditional change management processes try to fix the symptoms, not the disease, the result is friction, resistance, and company fatigue. In today’s highly competitive, technologically disrupted health care environment, Read More

5 Proven Hacks for Growing Profitable Market Share


How to think like a hacker to outsmart your competition // By Jessica Walker // Faced with competitors who may have bigger marketing budgets and more resources, many health care marketers feel powerless in the battle for market growth. Thinking like a hacker may help you outsmart the competition. Five proven hacks for market share Read More

Blueprint for Building Leaders in Health Care Communications

Jill McDonald Halsey, chief marketing and communication officer, Lawrence General Hospital

// By Jared Johnson // With the ever-changing nature of health care and communications today, the need for career guidance and professional development is stronger than ever. Programs like Emerging + Evolving Leaders by the New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESHCo) give professionals new opportunities to gain the skills, relationships, and self-awareness needed to Read More

Expressions of Rage? Or Inspirational Pep Talks? Whatever You Call Them, Hospital Ads with an Aggressive Stance Could Make Your Market Sit Up and Take Notice

Brad Fixler, vice president of marketing at University of Colorado Health

Notable Health Care Advertising // By Peter Hochstein // Fighting words and images may be just the thing some hospitals need to break through the miasma of inattention. In an upcoming issue of this publication, a fellow contributor, James A. Gardner, will write about a campaign for the Canadian pediatric hospital, Sick Kids. The campaign Read More

How Effective Is Your Provider Information Management Platform?

// By Tom White // Marketers charged with leading their health systems into the new era of consumerism understand the hard truth about regional markets: They are a zero-sum game. Every covered life gained is a win over the competition, and the stakes are high: CMS pegs healthcare spending per person at nearly $10,800 annually, Read More

BayCare Health’s Vision: Evidence-Based Design for Care Delivery

Jane Weber Brubaker

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // Consumerism is driving all industries to innovate, and health care is no exception. The ideal state is a digitally enabled, frictionless consumer experience. But in a highly complex industry like health care that has traditionally operated with a command-and-control vs. consumer-centric mindset, it’s a massive change. Adding to the Read More