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4 Patient Access Imperatives To Deliver A Differentiated Brand Experience

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How to Build an Access Strategy that Wins Patient Loyalty

Today’s patients are increasingly informed, engaged, and empowered. And while they continue to value a health system’s reputation, they are prioritizing convenience and selecting organizations that can deliver connected care experiences. In fact, 82% of healthcare consumers said they’d switch providers as the result of a bad experience.¹

Download this checklist to learn the four key components needed to create a brand experience that consumers are wiling to switch for, including how to:

  • Build the foundation for customer-centricity
  • Make information about your network easily accessible
  • Remove barriers to booking an appointment
  • Expand flexible access to care

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¹ Salesforce. Connected Healthcare Consumer, 2019.

Improving Physician Engagement and Satisfaction — and Why It Matters

// By John Gonda // Investing in a physician engagement program may achieve better ROI than traditional consumer-facing mass media marketing efforts. Physician burnout is on the rise. Across the country, the ability of doctors to practice medicine and care for patients is increasingly affected by ongoing regulations and administrative requirements. As physician burnout increases, Read More

The Business Case for Behavioral Health

// By Howard Gershon, LFACHE // With the shift toward value-based care and the assumption of risk, many health care organizations are beginning to understand that they must address behavioral health in conjunction with physical care for patients. Behavioral health issues are in the news every day, whether it’s a national sports figure who has Read More

“What Goes On in That New Building?” VCU Health Offers a Soft-Sell Explanation with Equal Parts Nostalgia, Induced Guilt, and Romantic Playfulness

Susan Dubuque ndp

// By Peter Hochstein // Can simple charm compete for share-of-mind in a hot health care marketplace? Yes, if the charm is really charming enough. Here’s how it works in Richmond, Virginia. This probably isn’t the first time you’ve seen a bicycle treated so callously. It stands in a dusty garage, surrounded by other carelessly Read More

View From the C-Suite: Andy Grimm, CEO of Northeast Missouri Health Council

Sheryl S. Jackson

// By Sheryl S. Jackson // A newly formed alliance of three Federally Qualified Health Centers provides an example of how shared expertise and pooled resources are laying the groundwork for value-based care, with the ultimate goal of driving better outcomes and lower costs in Medicaid managed care contracts. One of the keys to success Read More

It’s Not Your Usual Hospital Advertising Target Audience. Or Message. Or Media Plan. So What is Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Ad Campaign Up To?

Peter Hochstein

// By Peter Hochstein // Sometimes there’s more to hospital advertising than recruiting and reassuring patients. One thing’s fairly certain. When a hospital with facilities that are pretty much limited to the Boston area starts advertising in New York and other major metropolitan centers around the nation, they must be doing something other than trying Read More

Is Your Call Center Aligned with Your Brand Promise?

Wendy Stark Healy

// By Wendy Stark Healy // It’s essential to understand the emotional aspects of a patient’s interaction with a contact center, as people ultimately make decisions based on their feelings. Does your contact center delight patients and uphold the promise your health care organization makes to them? Or is it a pain point with long Read More

The Voice of the Customer Is Getting Louder

How to make the shift from transactions to relationships // By Jared Johnson // Health care is really good at creating transactions, but not so good at creating relationships. Today’s consumers are frustrated at health care brand experiences that fail to meet their expectations. Visionary health care organizations are listening more and more to the Read More

Does “Award-Winning Quality” Matter?

Marcia Simon

// By Marcia Simon, APR // Quality and star ratings matter, according to Healthgrades: Patients treated at hospitals receiving a 5-star rating have a 49 percent lower risk of dying, and a 59 percent lower risk of experiencing one or more complications during a hospital stay than if they were treated at hospitals receiving a Read More

Was It the Seahawks vs. Cancer Game? Not Exactly. But When Two Seattle Area Hospitals Teamed Up with Their Local Football Team, They Scored Big Dividends.

Kerry Shannon, senior vice president, strategy and business development at Virginia Mason

// By Peter Hochstein // Properly done, the participation of sports teams can create impressive visibility and emotional involvement for a cancer awareness promotion. Here’s what it produced for the State of Washington’s Virginia Mason Health System and CHI Franciscan. If you didn’t know the whole story, you’d think last October 20 was a less-than-glorious Read More

The Silver Tsunami: 6 Strategies to Seize the Tidal Wave of Opportunity

// By Daniel Fell // How should hospitals and health care delivery systems think about serving the growing “senior” population? How can health systems better leverage data and technology to meet the needs of consumers and caregivers who will be using health care services at the highest rate over the next several decades? Not that Read More

Go Big or Go Home: 5 Trends to Embrace in 2020

Linda MacCracken, senior principal at Accenture

// By Linda MacCracken // As health marketing strategists, we find ourselves on a frantic pace to reinvent. The new mantra for 2020 is to find, reach, and engage a higher purpose — that of unleashing trapped value. Trapped value is the common challenge where digital and related technologies are creating value faster than companies Read More

Shifting From an Internal Communications Focus To Strategic Marketing

Carla Bryant, executive vice president at Corrigan Consulting

As the only children’s hospital in the state of Arkansas, with greater than 90 percent awareness, Arkansas Children’s had historically not prioritized marketing, says Carla Bryant, executive vice president of Corrigan Consulting. “While they had a marketing department, it was more focused on internal communications than strategic marketing,” Bryant says. New leadership brought a new Read More

Arkansas Children’s Leverages Strategic Marketing to Support Growth

Jeff House, vice president of strategic marketing at Arkansas Children’s

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // What should a high-performing marketing function in a health system look like? And how do you leverage marketing to support growth? As the only children’s hospital in the state of Arkansas, with greater than 90 percent awareness, Arkansas Children’s had historically not prioritized marketing, says Carla Bryant, executive vice Read More

Is a Hospital-Sponsored Medicare Advantage Plan Right for Your Organization?

Wendy Stark Healy

// By Wendy Stark Healy // Medicare Advantage Plans have become a popular choice among Medicare recipients, and health systems are staking their claim to the market. Some health systems have had insurance arms for years, and others are just launching their plans. Done correctly, hospital-sponsored Medicare Advantage plans offer an attractive opportunity for health Read More

The Key to Solving Patient Throughput Efficiency: Process Visibility

Scott Opitz, president of ABBYY Process Intelligence

// By Scott Opitz // What’s the best way to improve a process? In complex organizations like health care systems with countless interdependent processes, tracing the root of a problem back to its source and fixing it may not be a straightforward proposition. What if there was an always-on technology solution running in the background Read More

New Research: Exploring the State of Population Health

Susan Dubuque, principal at NDP Agency

Marketers envision playing a leading role in population health activities. // By Susan Dubuque // Population health is a hot topic in our industry. But let’s be honest. As health care marketing professionals, we may have a difficult time getting our heads around this complex, multifaceted concept. There is lack of clarity about even the Read More

Mount Sinai, Visiting Nurse Service of New York Create Niche Program to Better Serve Transgender Population

Althea Fung

// By Althea Fung // Care of transgender patients is complex, cutting across multiple medical specialties and requiring an integrated, coordinated approach — including care at home. Mount Sinai’s Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery (CTMS) offers gender-affirming care to trans men and women. Approximately 0.6 percent (about 1.4 million) of American adults identify as Read More

Looking for a Memorable Symbol for Your Health Care Services? Here’s What Happened When a Chain of Urgent Care Clinics Got a Spokes-Puppet

Peter Hochstein

// By Peter Hochstein // Meet Bebo. He’s preposterous. He’s orange. He’s always sick or injured. And he’s helping Patient Plus clinics in Baton Rouge, Louisiana carve out a strong identity in a highly competitive market. You can do terrible things to a puppet for popular amusement that aren’t funny when they happen to real Read More