Don Stanziano on Telling the Geisinger Story — an In-Depth Conversation with the Health System’s New Chief Marketing Officer

August 16, 2018

Geisinger Caring LogoIn January, after 16 years at Scripps Health in San Diego, California, with eight of those years as vice president of marketing and communications, Don Stanziano took on the role of chief marketing officer at Geisinger. The move to Geisinger in Pennsylvania was a big change — geographically, organizationally, and lifestyle-wise.

Don Stanziano, Chief Marketing Officer, Geisinger

Don Stanziano, Chief Marketing Officer, Geisinger

“I have not been ‘new’ to an organization in a very long time, so it has been a big change. But when an organization like Geisinger taps your shoulder and asks if you will interview for the chief marketing position, it is an easy decision to say yes,” he says.

Geisinger’s reputation as a leader in innovative patient care delivery and its focus on creating an excellent patient experience are two reasons the job at the integrated health system attracted Stanziano. “Geisinger CEO David T. Feinberg’s passion for creating an excellent patient experience works hand in glove with marketing goals,” he says.

In spite of its well-known reputation, the selection process gave Stanziano a unique opportunity to learn more than most people about the organization. “Geisinger has a great story to tell and, so far, only the surface has been scratched,” he says. “I see it as an incredible honor and once-in-a-career opportunity to be able to lead the effort to tell Geisinger’s brand story locally, regionally, and nationally.”

In our new story, we see Geisinger through Stanziano’s eyes. Find out what motivated him to move across the country to join the health system that became famous for offering refunds to patients who are not satisfied — and what he hopes to accomplish in the coming years.

Read it now: View from the C-Suite: A Conversation with Don Stanziano, Chief Marketing Officer, Geisinger

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