5 Small – Yet Transformational – Strategies for Your Hospital Website

December 27, 2018

Whether you’re a small organization with just a few marketing professionals or a large health system with an extensive marketing team — or perhaps you fall somewhere in between these two extremes — it’s worth taking the time to listen to your digital customers. The insights they provide can help you make small changes that can elevate your online presence.

This advice comes from Neal Linkon, director of marketing operations at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, the Milwaukee region’s only independent health care system focused solely on children.

Neal Linkon, director of marketing operations at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Neal Linkon, director of marketing operations at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

“Over the years, I have found some simple techniques that can have a transformational effect on an organization,” Linkon says. When applied correctly, they can improve your digital customers’ experiences while enhancing brand perception.

The strategies Linkon uses at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin all share the goal of connecting to digital users and making sure your website meets their expectations for both content and function.

First, Linkon recommends playing detective to identify any challenges people have with your digital efforts.

At Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, this philosophy was put to the test in a very real way. The system was using an online donation form that seemed to attract interest from prospective donors. Many people answered almost all of the form’s questions before suddenly closing out without completing the transaction.

To understand this behavior, Linkon used a tool that revealed most people dropped out when they got to a field that asked where they wanted to direct their gift. While there was no logical explanation for this, he decided to try removing the troublesome field. Once it was gone, online donations increased by 25 percent. “With a change that took two minutes to implement, we saw a significant difference,” he says.

Read the full article now for four more strategies from Linkon: 5 Small Changes to Fine-Tune Your Hospital Website

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