Fitness Trackers: An Untapped Source of Valuable Data

December 14, 2017
Michelle Berryman, managing director of strategy & innovation at LiquidHub

Michelle Berryman, managing director of strategy & innovation at LiquidHub

Do you wear a fitness tracker to count your steps or follow other health-related measures?

Many people who access health care services within your system also probably use the latest devices to monitor details like activity level, amount of sleep, and blood pressure. All of this information can paint a valuable picture of health status and habits for health care providers and insurance carriers.

But most systems don’t yet take advantage of opportunities that accessing these metrics can provide, says Michelle Berryman, managing director of strategy and innovation at LiquidHub. In fact, she says, there is still a disconnect between personal trackers and patients’ own medical records.

As a result, health care organizations could be missing out on key insights that could help them better reach their target audience. Read our new article to learn how one health insurer is forging new ground using technology to better connect with its members:

Can Fitness Trackers Move Your Organization into the Future?

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