How a Florida Health System’s Rebranding Campaign Hit a Hole in One

May 7, 2019

// By Lisa D. Ellis //

Lisa EllisWhat happens when a health care entity outgrows its name? One Florida-based health system recently tackled this challenge, reinventing its brand to better reflect its identity in an exciting new way.

For well over a century, Flagler Hospital has gone to great lengths to care for the physical health of residents living in St. John’s County in northeastern Florida. But while its commitment to health has remained constant over the decades, in recent years its focus has broadened beyond the physical aspects of providing inpatient care to also care for the social and financial health of the people and communities it serves.

Flagler Health Plus logoThis evolution of the organization’s identity recently prompted Flagler Hospital’s leadership team to rethink its brand to be more in sync with the full scope of what it stands for today. This goal ultimately led to a major rebranding campaign to create Flagler Health+, an enterprise launched in February 2019 that represents the spectrum of services Flagler provides, according to Gina Mangus, vice president of marketing and strategic communications at what is now called Flagler Health+. The results, in this area where golf is a common sport and activity, hit a hole in one with both staff and with patients.

The Evolution of a Rebranding Campaign

Flagler’s rebranding campaign is especially unique in that all of the planning for the new identity actually happened behind the scenes. While employees and stakeholders were educated on the vision and solicited for input, most of them didn’t know a name change was happening until the new brand was officially unveiled during a special event.

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